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Healing energy can be circulated by simply doing this... // Beverley Roberts & Zip Nguyen

Many unexpected things have happened in my life, and my experience at Monkey Island Estate is one of them 💛 After having the best facial with Sophie on my first day at the floating spa, I decided to return for another massage with Beverley the next day. It was nothing short of miraculous. Although I wasn’t consciously seeking healing energy at that time and had no specific expectations before entering, I sensed that I needed it and followed my intuition.

After our session, Beverley and I had a little chat that naturally flowed from one topic to another. Feeling completely unlocked and at peace, I couldn’t resist asking Beverley if I could record our conversation to share with you before she had to leave. No agenda, no makeup, no checking in the mirror or trying to fix anything—I just went for it. Instead of attempting to describe the healing energy I experienced, I’d love for you to feel it while listening to our conversation. Energy doesn’t need to be created, and this is why… ✨

Hope you enjoy it x


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