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Year of the Cat in review

To me, this Year of the Cat feels like a crash course. Perhaps it’s the most intense year that I’ve been through with so much to learn not only about life in general but also about myself. So much so that it tests my limits and helps me learn the art of acceptance. So much so that it teaches me what I’m made of and brings me the answers I didn’t know I would need. So much so that I surrender to everything I can’t control and laser-focus on what I can. So much so that I internalize what it means to ‘bloom in crisis’ even when I’m the one who came up with it. So much so that it makes me realize how limitation breeds expansion, deconstruction breeds revitalization, and self-compassion breeds compassion for the world at large.

While it may sound crazy that we’re already almost a month into 2024, some of us, including myself, are about to say goodbye to our lunar year—the Year of the Cat (or Year of the Rabbit as it’s more commonly known). I’ve grown to appreciate the fact that Lunar New Year comes after Western New Year which many of us celebrate. Instead of feeling the adrenalin rush to reflect or recap, I find enjoyment in taking my time to contemplate my growth. If you’re interested, follow along and I’m happy to share with you what I’ve learned in the next chapters 🌻


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