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Overcome suffering and find hope in any situation // Dharma Choice Phap Tuyen & Zip Nguyen (Part 1)

Many people find it surprising when I say I don’t often go to temples or read spiritual books, even though deep down, I know that I’m very spiritual and have been practicing mindfulness intuitively for a long time. While I’ve heard of the Blue Cliff Monastery for the last eight years and had always wanted to visit, it hadn’t been at the forefront of my mind until last weekend when I finally made the trip... and despite the rain, I’m so glad I did! I’ll never forget the song ‘Understanding and Compassion’ (Hiểu và Thương) that we sang together as a community, the mindful eating with the tastiest vegetarian food, sharing my learnings with Dharma Choice (Thầy Pháp Tuyển), and learning from him as we walked around the monastery. This conversation, like most of those that I’ve shared on this channel, came together in the spur of the moment ☺️

Watch the full Part 1 of our conversation to learn about the practice that can help you transform suffering and find hope under any circumstances 🕊️🌿 You might also discover why I came here and see a very special person who made a surprising appearance on my show this time 🙆🏻‍♀️

Hiểu và Thương (Understanding and Compassion) song lyrics

[Vietnamese lyrics]

Anh em ta từ bốn phương trời

Chị em ta từ khắp năm châu

Không phân biệt màu da tôn giáo

Cùng về đây xây đắp yêu thương

Hiểu và thương

Hiểu và thương

Có hiểu mới có thương

Hiểu càng sâu thương càng rộng

Hiểu càng rộng thương càng sâu

Hiểu sâu, thương lớn

Hiểu và thương

Hiểu và thương

[English translation]

Brothers and sisters from all over the world

Siblings from across the continents

No distinction in skin color or religion

Let's come together to build and spread love

Understanding and compassion

Understanding and compassion

With understanding comes compassion

The deeper the understanding, the wider the compassion

The wider the understanding, the deeper the compassion

Deep understanding, profound compassion

Understanding and compassion

Understanding and compassion

Link to watch Part 2: Tame your ego and overcome self-doubt with one practice


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